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A peaceful sunset in Hickory, North Carolina.
All about Hickory, NC

Hickory, NC is located in Catawba County, and it is the 162nd largest urban area in the United States and the 4th largest in North Carolina. The metropolitan area, at the last census, contained 341,851 people and the city center hat 37,222. The city dates back to the mid-1800s, when it was called Hickory Tavern. You will be able to find out much more about the history of Hickory when you visit, and you will also be able to learn about all that the city has to offer for locals and travelers.

Hickory has plenty of job opportunities for those who want to relocate. They offer jobs in the medical field, education, and a variety of other industries. Hickory also has one of the oldest furniture manufacturers in the country. The manufacturer still operates on the same site as when they started, and they still make great furniture for people everywhere. The company, Hickory White, built in 1902, was once called the Hickory Manufacturing Company.

You will also be able to find information about Hickory real estate and all of the different homes and apartments that are available. It is easy to find a great place to live in the city, whether you want to buy a new home or simply need an apartment. Real estate agents will be able to help you choose just what you need.

Families that visit the city or those who make the city their permanent residence will find all manner of places to visit in the area. They will be able to find a number of different museums and fun activities such as miniature golf and bowling. You will also be able to choose from among many different restaurants in the area that serve all manner of cuisine to satisfy all of your cravings.

If you are traveling and seeking a hotel for a few nights, you can find all of the different types of accommodations available by browsing through the site. You can choose from large hotels with full buffet breakfasts and quiet little bed and breakfast hideaways. No matter the type of accommodation you want, you will be able to find just what you need in Hickory.

It is a good idea to learn all of the Hickory information that you need before you relocate or plan your vacation. You can even find out about the daily weather so you can prepare accordingly!

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