Hickory Emergency Information

Emergency services are at the ready in Hickory, North Carolina.
Hickory, NC Emergency Services Contact Information

While no one wants to think about accidents or the need to use emergency services, everyone who visits Hickory or makes the city their home will be happy to know that they have great emergency personnel that are ready to serve you in your time of need.

The following are the emergency services available in Hickory, as well as how you can contact them when you need them. For an emergency, you should always call 911. Be sure to write down all of the Hickory emergency services information you might need so you always have it available. 

Hickory Police Department

The police department has 142 fulltime workers who protect and serve the citizens of Hickory, NC, as well as the visitors who come to the city. The police department is located at 347 2nd Avenue SW, and the phone number is 828-261-2600. A call to 911 will go to the sheriff’s station and then be routed to the Hickory PD. 

Hickory Fire Department 

The fire department in Hickory, like fire departments all around the world, strives to prevent fires, to save lives, to save property, and to protect the environment from the damage that an uncontrolled fire can cause. Their goal is to protect the people of the city, and they undergo a lot of training to be their best. The fire department has seven fire stations to serve the area, and to make sure that they are able to respond quickly. The phone number to the main station is 828-323-7420.

Hickory Ambulance Services

For ambulance or rescue services in the area, you should call 911 for help from the Sheriff’s Department. 

Hickory Hospitals

You will find several hospitals and clinics in the area of Hickory for your emergency and nonemergency needs.

The Urgent Care Medical Arts Clinic is located on 24 2nd Ave NE, and the phone number is 828-328-2231.

Piedmont Urgent Care of North Carolina is located on 2972 N. Center St, and the phone number is 828-431-4955.

Catawba Valley Medical Center is located at 810 Fairgrove Church Road, and you can reach them at 828-326-3000.

Unifour Urgent Care is located at 1205 Fairgrove Church Road, and the number is 828-267-0551.

Catawba Hospital Health First Center is located at 1960 US Highway 70 SE, and the number is 828-485-2300.

Frye Regional Medical Center, located in Hickory, is one of the largest hospitals in the area. The phone number is 828-315-5000.

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