Hickory Government Offices

Government offices serving the community of Hickory, North Carolina.
Hickory, NC Government Offices Contact Information

Hickory, NC was one of the first cities in the nation to have a city council and city manager as part of their government. Hickory, NC has a Mayor as well as a City Manager. The City Manager is in charge of the administration of the city and carries out the policies and activities of the city. You will be able to find out all you need to know about the main Hickory, NC gov offices and how to contact them.

The government offices are located at the City Hall, which is located at 79 N. Center Street in the beautiful Julian Whitener Municipal Building. The direct phone number to the City Hall is 828-323-7400. You can call that number to be directed to the department that you need, or you can call the department directly.

Hickory Government Offices and How to Contact Them

City Council – If you need to reach members of the City Council, you will be able to call the main number at 828-323-7400.

City Manager – The City Manager or a representative is available at 828-323-7412.

City Clerk – The City Clerk is able to provide the city ordinances, minutes of the council meetings, city records, and information about the Boards and Commissions. You can reach them at 828-323-7409.

Building Inspections – To plan a building inspection or to conduct a pre-construction review, you will be able to contact the Building Inspections department at 828-465-8399.

Office of Communications – The Office of Communications oversees the public relations program and distributes educational information and newsletters. Contact them at 828-261-2222.

Engineering – The department can answer questions about the city’s engineering and services. Their number is 828-323-7416.

Finance – The Finance Department can answer questions about the city’s budget. Call them at 828-323-7417.

Fire Department – Contact the fire department by calling the number 828-323-7420

Human Resources – To find out answers to questions about city employment, you can call 828-323-7421.

Information Technology – For questions about the city’s computer systems, call 828-323-7548.

Library – To contact the library, you can call 828-304-0500.

Parks & Recreation – The Parks & Recreation Department provides recreation activities, and it develops and plans parks for the community. You can contact the department by calling 828-322-7046.

Police – You can contact the police department by calling 828-324-2060.

Public Services – The department consists of several sub-departments including building services, central services, engineering, landscape services, fleet, recycling, sanitation, streets, public utilities, and traffic. Contact them at 828-323-7500.

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