I-80 Towing & Service

I-80 Towing & Service

Stranded on the side of a Wyoming road?  Let I-80 Towing come to your rescue!
A full-service Hickory towing company, I-80 Towing is happy to help you out whenever you’re stuck in a bind!  They offer convenient roadside service, assisting or providing you with tires, airbag recovery as well as minor repair services.

I-80 Towing understands that your time is valuable which is why they work quickly and efficiently to get you back onto the road to wherever you need to go.  If you’re unfortunately locked out of your vehicle, out of gasoline or need a tire fixed, I-80 Towing is the perfect company to call!

I-80 Towing will even assist you in minor on-site repairs such as alternators and radiator hoses.  I-80 Towing is also glad to offer semi-truck drivers service as well!

I-80 Towing specializes in tires which is why they carry so many!  Their new tires will come with a warranty from the manufacturer.  Their talented mechanics will gladly patch up your ripped tire so you can get back to your car, and back to your life!

I-80 Towing is the ideal solution for all of your Hickory road service needs.  Call them right away at (866) 781-8158 or visit them online at http://i80towing.com

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