Nine Lotus Center of Hickory - Family Self Defense and More

FSDC offers you and your entire family the best, most effective way to learn genuine self defense in order to protect oneself.  FSDC strives teach you actual techniques that you can immediately apply to any scenario outside of the classroom given that you were in an unfortunate situation.

In a family-friendly atmosphere that guides and assists you in your personal progression, FSDC  offers you the impressive Kempo-Jutsu program that combines techniques from Japan Aikijutsu, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Chinese 9 Animal Boxing and Weaponry, Muay Thai, Filipino Escrima and much, much more. The center also offers Yoga, and T'ai Chi Gong.

There is an emphasis in Heavy Bag training and sparring, so you can master practical fighting on the street. The expert staff at FSDC  encourages questions regarding any aspect of your training.  They are passionate about providing you with all you need to know to stay safe and protect yourself.

FSDC also offers T’ai Chi which builds balance, relieves tension and increases your immune system as well as having many other benefits. You may also join a Ladies Self Defense course or their Art of Submission course which features MMA fighting and techniques that are used in law enforcement and the military.

Stop on in to try a class for free. For additional information, call (828) 514-1581, or visit online at

Photos courtesy of the Nine Lotus Center Facebook page.