Yoga with an Edge

It is common knowledge that there are many benefits when practicing yoga. Yoga with an Edge understands these benefits and brings them to you in a unique way that is unlike any other yoga center.

Yoga with an Edge encourages you to find your own personal path. Every individual is different and your personal progression is unique from others. Yoga with an Edge understands this which is why “there are no rules or boundaries, and NO competition.”

Yoga with an Edge invites you to explore your path outside of the ‘norm’. Yoga with an Edge will use other elements we as individuals enjoy, such as rock ’n’ roll music, to have fun while in yoga. Yoga with an Edge wants you to have all you need to successfully journey down your path.  They offer a variety of workshops such as Therapeutics of the Back & Hips with Joe Taft, Asheville’s “1st Place Yoga Teacher.” Yoga with an Edge also offers a nine month school for those interested in teaching yoga. The program is called, "Nine Months at the Edge." Visit the website or call for additional information and a schedule.

You can join in on Community Warm Yoga, Hot Yoga, Core Power, Prenatal Yoga and so much more. Not only does yoga reduce stress, reduce pain and promote a healthy heart, but you will actually become stronger, more aware and feel more at peace. Yoga with an Edge is located at 22 2nd St. NW, Hickory, NC. Visit to view their Hickory yoga classes and workshops. Photos courtesy of the Yoga with an Edge Facebook page.