Advantages in Buying Silver Metals

If you are looking to add something more than just coins to your investment portfolio, maybe it is time to look towards buying silver bars.  Precious metal bullion bars have their own unique advantages when it comes to investing.  You may end up wondering why you didn’t start buying them sooner! 

One of the biggest advantages of bars over coins is the smaller premiums you’ll pay.  Coins have a much higher premium than the same amount of precious metal in bar form.  That means you will usually get more for your money when you go with bars.  However, you do lose the collectability factor, which is the strong point with coins. 

Another advantage of buying bars is the flexibility, as bars come in a very wide range of sizes.  You can buy monstrous 1,000-ounce bars, which are going to weigh in at over 60 pounds; you can also buy tiny coin-size one-ounce bars if you are looking for a smaller investment.  Of course the average sized silver bar is the 100-ounce bar.  As you can see, you have a lot of options when it comes to precious metal bars, so you can find the size that fits your wants and budget. 

Counterfeiting coins is a big danger for new buyers.  Bars often have the advantage here, as they are less likely to be counterfeit and are more easily discovered when they are.  However, you still have to beware of lead filled bars and other tricks swindlers play.  No matter if you are buying bars or coins, it is always important to buy from a trusted source so you can have confidence in your purchase.  Too often, those “too good to be true” deals do end up being just that! 



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