Attending College in Chicago Offers up Cultural Opportunity

The City of Big Shoulders thrives from the richness of its cultural base, its many ethnic neighborhoods and the rolling energy of businesses and enterprises circulating through its veins. The cultural richness is reflected in the many colleges in Chicago IL., as students pursue their studies and join residents to make their way in the city's Downtown.

The Downtown area is the centralized heart of the city. Sitting on the southwestern edge of Lake Michigan, it's fed by a daily flux of business people, service workers and construction crews pouring in from the city's highways and the underground subways. These residents come from the North, South and West Sides and the surrounding suburban satellite communities.

The city's transportation hub is always busy and generally directed toward the city's center. Students can take subway trains that emerge Downtown into "The Loop," the elevated trains that help feed the businesses, shops, restaurants and vibrant cultural centers that give Chicago its native beauty.

Art galleries abound throughout the city, and nearly everyone goes to the grand larger Art Institute of Chicago campus, perched near the lake and the middle of the Downtown area in the city’s Grant Park. You stop and look up in amazement as you pass by the Sears Tower (oh, wait we’re supposed to call it Willis Tower). It's the country's tallest building and the crown of the city's nest of skyscrapers. It sits high among the signature skyline that includes the John Hancock Center, the angular-crowned Prudential Plaza and the new Trump Tower.

Students at colleges in Chicago IL will find concerts revolving throughout the city like a kaleidoscope. The Goodman Theater and the Lookingglass Theatre Company are Downtown as is Millennium Park’s Harris Theater for dance and art performances. Navy Pier, the city’s great year-round entertainment complex, provides home to the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. The near North Side is filled with storefront theaters including the renowned Steppenwolf Theatre.

On the South Side is Hyde Park, the Chicago home of President Obama and the stately, modernistic University of Chicago. This institution offers up another long list of cultural moments. Included on its turf is the Oriental Institute Museum of ancient archeological collections. The Field Museum of Natural History is also there, one of the city's most visited sites.

Music venues are overflowing. Besides the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Lyric Opera House, the Kingston Mines and Buddy Guy’s Legends for blues, there’s the Chicago Opera Theater, the Old Town School of Folk Music and jazz music at the Green Mill, and the Jazz Showcase among other venues. The Empty Bottle, the Cubby Bear and the Underground Wonder Bar are a few of the rock, indie sound and hip hop places.

Spread around colleges in Chicago IL the city’s cultural scene is infectious. Up-to-day online schedules of cultural events may be found at the Chicago Reader and Timeout websites.

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