Backup Tapes and VMware Backup

Backup tapes were once the standby format for network administrators. Many networks still use them today. The format has its drawbacks, but the advantages of tape have made it a data security choice that has been viable for many years. VMware backup programs for networks that make use of tape drives are an asset to companies that still choose to use this method of storing data. Given the cost of some tape drives, it makes sense to get as much use out of them as possible rather than just switching to something else, in some cases.

VMware backup products do not have to employ proprietary software to read and write from tapes. There are products available that use storage formats that can be accessed for restore operations without using any software at all. This means that you’re never separated from old backups of your system by compatibility issues. If you need data, no matter how old, it can be opened without having any other software installed on your system. These files can be stored anywhere, including on tape, without concerns about being able to retrieve it in the future.

The VMware backup options on the market compete with one another, in part, based on speed. The faster a virtual machine can be backed up the better, of course, but there is software that can back up more than one virtual machine at once. This allows for huge increases in the speed of the backup and also allows the amount of network usage put toward the backup to be accommodated more easily. Deduplication also plays a part in this. Systems that have good deduplication make your backups much smaller by eliminating redundancy. This is different from another form of redundancy elimination, called incremental backup, though incremental backup is sometimes advertised as deduplication.

VMware backup products that can work with tape, that eliminate redundancy and that can perform backups quickly are affordable, especially considering the sheer amount of information they can secure. Your VMware network may have a great many servers on it. Aside from the data they store, they all represent a function, as well, and it may be impossible for your company to do business if that resource is not available. Be sure that your VMware backup software is up to the task where providing fast, reliable and easily retrievable copies of your vital data is concerned.

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