Blood Glucose Monitors For Diabetics

A blood glucose monitor helps in managing diabetes and controlling blood sugar levels. It forms an integral part of the diabetes supplies of any patient suffering from diabetes. Blood glucose meters enable you to measure blood glucose levels at any point of time as it is a portable device. Apart from a glucometer, we also need testing strips, lancets, and lancing device for measuring blood sugar levels.

To measure blood glucose levels, you need to prick the skin of your fingertip with the lancet and then allow the drop of blood to be sucked by the testing strip. The testing strip is inserted into the glucometer while the other end sucks the drop of blood. Newer models of blood glucose monitor also permit blood glucose testing from the blood that is collected from other parts of the body, thereby reducing the pain and discomfort caused by pricking the fingertips. The blood glucose monitor will display the blood glucose levels.

Diabetic patients can monitor their blood sugar levels using this home glucose monitoring device. To manage diabetes, it is necessary that you check blood sugar levels at regular time intervals through a blood glucose monitor. In this way, your doctor can also monitor the trends in blood glucose levels.

Blood glucose monitor can be used to measure one’s blood sugar levels after exercising and after consuming certain food items. Thus, this will be helpful in planning your daily exercise routine and meals. Normal blood sugar levels are between 70 to 110 mg/dl when the person has fasted for 10 to 12 hours. The normal blood glucose levels are expected to be between 110 to 140 mg/dl two hours after eating meals. If your blood glucose monitor denotes a blood glucose levels that exceed 200 mg/dl after a period of 2 hours of consuming meals, it indicates the possibility of diabetes.

Today, continuous blood glucose monitors are available in the market. These measure the blood glucose levels at different time intervals of the day and also provide a blood glucose trends report that can be extremely beneficial to your doctor for fixing your insulin dosage. This type of blood glucose monitor is considered as one of the most important health resources for diabetic patients. Continuous blood glucose monitors also enable you to download the data of blood glucose readings onto your computer. Most computer geeks prefer buying this type of blood glucose meter.











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