ESPN Fee Hikes Impact on Your Cable

With ESPN hiking their cable fees, many consumers are looking for more affordable alternatives. Switching cable companies might be the answer. Today, there are cable companies that offer a lot more than just basic cable TV. Rather than paying a premium, it may be smart to start looking into a provider that offers voice, TV and internet services. With research, you can find a provider with an affordable rate.

Competitive companies now offer digital TV with the option of watching unlimited, on demand programs. With digital TV, you have the choice of streaming the program online, or watching it on the television set. This type of cable network boasts of being able to meet a person's needs in terms of the kind of content they would like to watch, from TV shows to movies to documentaries and sports. One added advantage to finding a provider with digital services is the DVR service. This allows you to record your favorite show, pause it, and even rewind live TV. This ensures that a subscriber will never miss a moment of their favorite show or sports program. 

Demand for internet and cable packages are also on the rise. Companies now offer these services in bundles depending on the customers’ needs and their budget constraints. If you have separate providers, it could be beneficial to find a provider that offers both services; a bundle can add good value for the money you are spending.  Not only does it give you a “bang for your buck”, but most bundle packages come with internet protection. You, as a subscriber, would never have to worry about giving out your personal information. Additionally, your computer will be protected against viruses. This is a service that would normally cost up to $350, but with most bundle packages it is available for free. Switching to a provider that offers internet and cable packages proves to be more affordable.

If you are not ready for increased cable fees, but can’t live without ESPN, NFL, or Fox Sports, switching to digital TV (a provider with more channels and more options), may be in your best interest.

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