Essential Wound Care Products for Kids

Having kids around is like dealing with walking time bombs. Eventually, they will get hurt, and there will be a major meltdown. Whether the injury is severe or just looks severe, you’ll be able to handle it better if you’re prepared. Here is a list of essential wound care products you should stock up on if you run a daycare, have kids, or are around kids much of the time at all.

1. Gauze – This is essential for wounds that are bleeding more than a stick-on bandage can handle. To use gauze properly, wrap around the wound or staunch it with a piece of the gauze. If bleeding continues, add more gauze to the top, and keep the pressure steady. Never, ever remove the gauze at the bottom of the pile, since this can cause you to rip up all the clots that have formed.

2. Sticky Bandages – Bandages are essential wound care products, as well. Stick on bandages can be helpful in dealing with smaller wounds that aren’t bleeding as much. Having these in a variety of colors can help soothe the fear that comes with a wound when children are involved.

3. Cleansing Wipes – Small packages of these medical supplies can be helpful to have on hand. When a child gets hurt in a dirty area, getting the wound cleaned is important. Using wipes that come in individual packages is simple and effective for this purpose.

4. Athletic Tape – If you’re dealing with older children, athletic tape can be a good thing to have around, too. This type of tape can help you deal with sore joints and muscles and to stabilize weak areas. Only use athletic tape if you know how to do it right, though! This type of tape is also good for creating impromptu bandages with gauze, which are great for larger wounds.

4. Disinfecting Cream – Antibiotic ointment of some sort should go on your wound care products list, as well. This type of ointment has a couple of functions. For one thing, it prevents infection. For another, it keeps the wound moist, which promotes faster healing.

All of these products are great for wound care for kids and adults alike. They are, however, essential when you’re dealing with children. Having a portable kit full of these supplies is great whether you’re a mom, a nanny, or a grandparent.


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