Evaporative Cooling vs Air Conditioning

There are other methods to cool you home during summer than simply running the costly air conditioner. If you live in an area of low humidity you might want to consider a more cost-effective alternative than air conditioning. Try cooling your house in a natural manner with evaporative coolers. Your electric bill will thank you when you make the switch.

Evaporative coolers work by pulling outside air onto water moistened pads. The air is then cooled by evaporation of the water. A fan or blower then sends the cooled air through the home, and therefore cools the structure. It is a simple, yet remarkably efficient air cooling system, and it uses much less electricity than traditional air conditioners.

All evaporative cooling systems work best when used in areas of dry heat. In addition, these systems cost less to buy, less to install, and less to run then air conditioning. Plus, evaporative coolers improve the air quality of your home, because fresh air from outside is constantly being circulated. Adding this natural system to cool your home also reduces carbon emissions by up to 80% over air conditioning. Furthermore, a major benefit to moms is it doesn’t matter if the kids keep the doors of the house open during the summer.

When seeking to buy an evaporative cooling system it is important to buy from a reputable merchant, and visit their website or their brick and mortar location if it’s convenient. This way you can see firsthand the many systems they offer to improve your home’s environment.

Other advantages of evaporative coolers are the moistened air soothes some allergy sufferers and the damp filter pads filter the air. Moreover, the extra humidly helps moisten excessive dry air. There are two types of swamp cooling systems, direct and indirect. The direct cooler is the standard system. Air passes through wet pads and is then blown through the building. The indirect cooler adds secondary heating to the moistened air to remove humidity from the cooled air.

Finally, for people who live in hot dry locations evaporative coolers are good cooling choices when compared to air conditioning. The direct type of cooler adds much needed humidity to the air, while air conditioning serves to remove it. Swamp coolers use much less electricity than air conditioning, and are environment friendly. Plus, the moistened air may soothe your allergies.


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