Finding Paintball Gear for Your Playing Style

You really only need a few pieces of equipment to get started in paintball. If you choose the right gun and the right paintball gear, it can be pretty cheap to get into the game. People all over the world are starting to play paintball, and there are a lot of great markers, hoppers, and tanks on the market. The gun, also called a marker, is probably the most expensive piece of equipment that you will have to buy, but there are some less expensive models that perform well and are still great for beginners or veteran paintball players.

Depending on where you will be playing paintball, you can find a gun that is designed for speedball (paintball in an enclosed space) or woodsball (outdoor paintball). The guns will be different in color and style, and if you choose to play speedball, you will have more options to consider since you will not have to blend in with the scenery. Some of the best paintball equipment is light and easy to carry around.

Finding equipment that doesn’t weigh you down but allows you to shoot with accuracy and precision is the best buy. If you don’t know much about paintball guns, you might want to experiment with a couple of different models to find the one that is best for your style of play. Snipers will need a gun that is designed for sharp shooting, while other players may favor a style where they shoot more balls in a shorter amount of time.

You will also have to choose some other paintball gear, like a mask, protective goggles, a tank, and a hopper. Tanks usually shoot the paintballs from the gun using either compressed air or CO2. While CO2 is sometimes more easy to find, compressed air is necessary for some guns (especially the high quality ones). It may be difficult for you to find a place to refill your compressed air tank, so before you buy one, make sure that you can find a local place that can refill it when you need it. The hopper is the piece of paintball gear that loads your balls into the chamber. You can usually find a hopper for pretty cheap depending on which type you choose to buy.

Once you have purchased your paintballs, your marker, your hopper, your tank, and your mask, you will be ready to play the game.

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