Five Areas of Advocacy that are Important to Communities

It can be a dreadful thought if a person considers where we would be without advocates. Some of the worst places in the world for people are the areas where advocates are silenced. The world needs advocates to keep politicians and lawmakers aware of the important issues in countries, states, and communities. Those who have earned a MA in Communication would find a rewarding career in this area.


Following are five areas of advocacy that are important to communities:

  1. Legislative Advocacy. This is a very important advocacy in communities. The working people need advocates to stand up in legislative processes to give a voice in what the majority of the people desire. These advocates need to interview and take polls on what the people need and want. They need to stand in city council meetings and before judges and be the "voice of the people." There is a huge need for people with advocacy skills in this area in many communities. So many council members and lawmakers have not listened to the people, but have made decisions on their own priorities, and what best suits them or their families.
  2. Health Advocacy. Advocates are always needed in communities in the health arena. Doctors and hospitals can grow and work in a better fashion if advocates are explaining to them what community members are not able to say to them. Advocates are also needed in this area to point out concerns of possible contaminates being left by companies and corporations, and/or sewage and trash situations. An advocate can find the person who can fix the problem and help the health of the community as a whole.
  3. Human Rights Advocacy. Communities are always in need of advocates whose expertise is human rights. These advocates can be a voice of concern for children in cases of neglect or abuse. These advocates can be a voice of caring for elderly who need medicines, food or health care. These advocates can be a voice of reason for women who live in abusive relationships, and need a place of sanctuary. Human rights advocates are needed worldwide and the most important place to start is in the community.
  4. Economic Advocates. Every community needs economic growth. Advocates are needed to voice the need for jobs. It could be they are needed to lobby to give a tax break for a large corporation to open a plant in their community. By doing so, it will bring jobs and grow the economy. The advocate must be willing to listen and learn from the people of the community.
  5. Justice Advocates. It has been shown time and time again that justice can have a blind eye in some cases. Advocates are needed on both sides of justice to make the system just a little more fair. One advocacy group that comes to mind is Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Their advocacy has helped get larger sentences for convicted drunk drivers. Advocates are also needed for those who have faced injustice in being arrested just because of their appearance or financial state.

Advocacy is a huge field. It is a great opportunity for humans to join a career field that will help others. The satisfaction of knowing that what you do is changing the world and your community for the better makes advocacy a field that many people will want to consider.

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