From Evidence Collector to Director of Criminology

As long as there are people who break the law, there will be a need for criminologists. Criminologists not only try to figure out who committed a certain crime, they try to understand why. They help predict criminal behavior and try to determine ways to deter it from happening.

If history predicts the future, those who obtain a Master’s in Criminal Justice Online will have job security well into the future. There is such a wide range of criminology jobs that someone with an advanced degree in criminal justice can likely find a job that exactly suits them. Here are just a few possible criminology careers to pursue.

• Careers with the government in the field of criminology include jobs with the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), the U.S. Marshals, the FBI and the CIA. Some jobs are for those who enjoy detective and investigative jobs. Management opportunities are available for a criminologist to oversee and manage different departments of the agencies or the agency itself.

• Cities have jobs for Police Chiefs, Police Commissioners and/or Sheriffs. These particular jobs all are supervisory jobs, overseeing officers, agents and investigators who gather evidence and solve crimes. Your chances for obtaining one of these jobs are increased if you have an advanced degree. You can maintain your full-time job for the police or sheriff’s department while you obtain a Master’s in Criminal Justice Online.

• Forensic investigators and managers of forensics laboratories are in demand. Investigator jobs are open to those who have undergraduate degrees in a science like biology or chemistry. Degrees in psychology and sociology are helpful when investigating why people commit crimes. Although television has popularized the role of a criminal profiler, no such job description actually exists. Even so, investigators with psychology and sociology degrees do, in addition to their other criminology jobs, create profiles to assist investigators in identifying and capturing perpetrators.

If you have been an investigator and get an advanced degree, you will be eligible for a management position of a department or of the lab itself. You can get your Master’s in Criminal Justice Online while working as an investigator and then secure a position as a manager.

• Insurance companies are interested in hiring criminologists with an advanced degree as investigators. Unfortunately, insurance fraud has become somewhat common place and an investigator who is a criminologist will work on cases where there is a suspicion of fraud. Cases vary from a fire that is suspected to be arson to false claims that property was stolen. Beneficiaries of hefty sums of life insurance are often suspected of foul play and the insurer requires the services of a forensic investigator.


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