Gold Coins Make Physically Ownership Easy

Increasing rates of inflation, high unemployment rates, unsustainable debt at all levels of government, and numerous other economic woes face the world today. Many investors are concerned about their financial affairs and seeking a safe place to invest their money. Seasoned investors are trading in their rapidly devaluing, paper currencies for gold, the time-honored substance of beauty and wealth.

Gold has long been considered as a safe haven for wealth and is a substance that has been accepted as valuable longer than any other material in history. Demand for gold has led many national mints to produce gold coins so that investors have a reliable way to physically own gold. This form of bullion provides a convenient method for investors to own, store and trade this valuable precious metal.

Investment grade gold coins are produced by the mints of most nations. They are widely popular for investments because each comes with the full backing of the minting government. This provides assurances to the investor that the bullion contains the stated weight and gold purity of the coin. For instance, a gold American Eagle is guaranteed to contain exactly 1 oz of pure gold. The total weight of the coin is 1.0909 oz. Of gold, there is 1 oz and the remaining weight consists of the silver and copper used for the alloy to make these gold coins. This leaves each American Eagle with a gold purity of .9167, or 22 karat gold.

In addition to the government guarantees that ensure the precious metal content of this bullion, gold coins also provide many conveniences in storage, accounting and trading. The uniformity of the coins allow for ease in storage. There are many types of tubes and holders available that keep the bullion contained and organized. With the consistent standards in size, content and weight, determining an approximate value of the investment is as simple as multiplying the total weight of the bullion by the current market price. All of these benefits, and its universally accepted value, combine to make gold coins highly liquid. They can be traded almost anywhere in the world, with ease.

Gold coins are a fantastic way for investors to take advantage of the wealth protecting properties of gold. They offer perhaps the most convenient way for physical ownership. With so many difficulties resting on the global landscape, owning bullion is an investment option that should receive a significant amount of consideration.

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