Gold Eagles as a Reasonable Investment Option

If you are like many other people in the modern world you have suddenly found yourself on a budget. You don’t spend what you want on just anything anymore because costs are up, wages are down, and the yield on most investments is feeble at best. So, what do you do? You find options and solutions that allow you to “get ahead”. Whether you believe it or not, this is completely possible in the world of investment too.

Yes, you can make an affordable investment that doesn’t require a tremendous amount of risk and which is actually guaranteed to generate good returns. What is this investment opportunity? There are some wonderful coins known as gold Eagles and they represent a possibility for investors of almost any budget.

Before we get into the specifics about gold Eagles, let’s first understand how and why they are a reasonable investment option in this current economy. Though many people know that gold prices hit all time highs in 2011, many didn’t keep up with the headlines that also described a dip in the prices at the turn of the New Year. This drop in price was not due to any sort of seasonal or cyclic pattern but was instead entirely due to some disturbing news out of Europe and Asia.

First, the Greek economy had been on the path to disaster for more than a year when analysts announced in January of 2012 that they didn’t believe the country would be able to avoid default in March. At almost the same time, the S&P downgraded the economies of major countries in the Eurozone. France, Spain, Italy and a few others were blasted by this downgrade and millions of investors liquidated any “paper” related to their economies. Most turned to American dollars as a safe haven, but this actually resulted in a decrease in the cost of gold Eagles because investors were also liquidating precious metals too.

So, you might reasonably ask, how does this make the gold Eagles a reasonable investment? Well, if you were to read the news articles about the markets you would see that most analysts were decrying the rush to the dollar and insisting that gold was a more feasible safe haven. This means that investors with limited means have a moment to “jump” on gold Eagles at the lowest prices that they will be available in the coming year, and can even buy as little as 1/10th of an ounce at one time.

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