How Privileged Identity Management Increases Productivity

One way businesses can grow revenue is by increasing production. Computer networks when running properly help achieve this goal. On the other hand, when the network is down, so is production. While it may seem like a good idea to allow all staff to have unfiltered access to all of your company records, taking a second look will prove it really isn’t.

Too many hands in the pie raise the possibility of databases being altered or erased altogether.  Naturally, when this happens you can expect network downtime to resolve the problem. Of course, it might not be intentional, but it could be. Not everyone in your company needs access to every record. Simply implementing a privileged identity management system lowers the risk of lost or corrupted data substantially. At the same time you should direct your staff to Privileged the Identity Management News to educate them on the importance of this new directive.

When you implement an admin rights system you immediately reduce the possibility of any down time. Furthermore, since your staff is cannot wander off into unnecessary areas they stay on task, and therefore are more productive. Staff identity management should apply to the needs of each particular job, and nothing more and all employees need to be included.

In addition, it is essential you have the newest software downloads. Doing so protects your database from damaging viruses and malware. This too eliminates non-productive downtime. Moreover, you will now be protected against the newest threats that could disable your computer network.  Plus, having the newest versions of call center and backup software makes it easy to initiate a privileged management system. 

Another vital component of privileged identity management systems is to educate your staff on the importance of protecting their passwords. Should an employee leave your company immediately change the password. Doing so keeps your essential records secure. This becomes even more important if the employee was fired. Protecting your data keeps production rolling. Equally important is to make sure company cell phones and laptops are turned in when an employee is terminated.

Finally, important company databases may be the most important asset your company has. Implementing a strong password protected admin rights policy goes a long way in securing your vital records. This helps eliminate un-needed computer network downtime. In other words your staff stays productive, and therefore your bottom-line increases. If you have not yet implemented an identity privileged management program, you must do so before irreversible damage is done.

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