How to Buy a Gold Coin

You can buy a gold coin, online or off, at a multitude of different shops. Some of the shops are good and some of them aren’t. The best shops sell certified coins and offer a wide selection of coins from which to choose. The first step in buying any type of bullion coin is determining if the coin is the real thing. Certification means that a third party has taken care of this for you and that the coin has been examined by a numismatics expert who has verified the authenticity and condition of the coin, and thus its value.

Be sure to take a good look around before you decide to buy gold coin specimens of any particular sort. There are bullion coins produced by the US, Canada, Austria, South Africa and numerous other nations. All of them have their appeal with collectors but, mostly, all of them are easily verified as to their bullion content and purity. In some cases, you actually may want to shop around for the best deal instead of obsessing over which coins are likely to gain significantly in value due to collector’s demand. See if the coin dealer you visit is offering anything special where pricing is concerned.

When you go to actually buy the gold coin, be sure that you’re getting market rate on the bullion value. Coins are priced according to their bullion value, with an additional amount added for the numismatic value of the coin. This is usually called the “spread” or the “premium” on the coin. Do some research to make sure that you’re getting a fair price. You need to know the bullion content of the coins, for certain, and also whether or not the coin really has any collector’s value before you buy.

You can buy a gold coin or sell a gold coin online. This is one of the most popular ways to go about it today. This is partially because of the convenience, but it’s also because the online dealers tend to have a wider variety of stock and because they offer current market rates on their sites, which helps you to ensure that’s the rate you’re getting when you decide to sell to one of these companies. Remember that there are forgeries on the markets, though they’re not many in number, so certified coins are always the best way to go.

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