How to Find Silver

 Silver’s fascinating properties are one of the many reasons that society has chosen to elevate this amazing metal to “precious metal” status.  Silver quotes are available all over the internet and from a wide variety of websites, and is there any wonder as to why?  Silver, like gold, platinum, and palladium, all share properties of rarity and extraordinary application value that drive up their market values over time.  Silver’s many applications are one of the reasons that drive its seemingly-infallible market value.  Year after year, silver outperforms many other metals because it is in demand not just for aesthetic appeal, but for the scientific, industrial, and medical applications that make this metal shine.

For years, the US Government used silver as a coinage metal.  Up until 1965, US coins contained 90% silver, which is what gives them their value today.  Often times, collectors will seek out pre-1965 US coins to invest in.  Their bullion value is currently worth more than their face value, so people are able to save them or sell them to collectors who will give them the current market value for the bullion contained therein, depending on the condition of the coin.  An easy way to find these coins is to go to any local bank and ask for change.  Asking for a roll of half-dollars will be your best bet for finding pre-1965 coins.  Change your money, and then pull out any coins in your roll that were minted prior to 1965.  It’s that simple!

Another way to acquire these 90% silver coins is to visit a coin dealer.  Often times, serious investors looking to buy large quantities or extremely rare silver pieces will visit rare coin dealers to get an idea of what the market is like.  An honest and reputable dealer will have access to more inside information than the average person can acquire via collector books or internet sites.  If you’re looking to buy or sell silver bullion coins, the first place you should look is to a local coin dealer with a good reputation within your community.  Even compiling a list of local dealers and investigating them all in order to choose the best fit can save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, in the long run.  Research is always the key to good investing, and investing in precious metals is no different.

There’s no doubt that silver quotes and silver’s value have been on the upswing of late, and that trend is expected to grow.  Now is the time to invest in silver, and reap the benefits of a strong investment that can see you into your future years with excellent returns.

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