Investors and Collectors Buy Silver Bullion Eagle Coins in Record Numbers

After November silver prices rose above $29 an ounce, a 15 percent increase, 2010 Silver Eagle coin sales broke all previous records. An ever increasing number of investors and collectors buy silver bullion Eagle coins for their beauty, popularity, and increasing value.

With rising silver prices, silver bullion coins and silver bullion ingots (bars) have both seen record breaking sales recently. While silver bullion bars are most popular among investors, silver bullion coins, as proven by recent Silver Eagle coin sales, have also gained prominence. Bars are the most straightforward way in which to invest in silver bullion. However, silver bullion coins have the potential to gain tremendous numismatic value in addition to their intrinsic precious metal value. Numismatic value is based on such aspects as a coin’s historical significance, physical condition, rarity, mintmarks, and many other factors.

Silver Eagle coins have a relatively short history when compared to other certified coins. The United States Mint first released these coins in 1986 and have steadily produced these coins ever since. Sales have also been steadily climbing culminating in the sale of 4.26 million Silver Eagles this past November. This topped the 3.696 million record sale which occurred in the first year of Silver Eagle production. In total, over 32 million Silver Eagle bullion coins were sold in 2010.

Silver Eagle coin sales coincided with soaring silver bullion prices. Between January and November of this year, silver prices escalated almost 68 percent. With these statistics in mind, it is no wonder that a growing number of investors choose to buy silver bullion. Compared to Silver Eagle coin sales in 2009, this year’s sales has already beat the 2009 record by over four million coin sales.

While the economy continues to falter, those who buy silver bullion are no longer rare eccentric individuals. Mainstream investors have taken the lead in precious metal sales. Silver investment vehicles include bars, coins, certificates, exchange-traded products, accounts, derivatives, investments in mining companies, and many other avenues of investment. No matter how one invests in precious metals, financial experts advise that a good proportion of a financial portfolio should include solid assets to offset any possible losses from investment based on less stable assets.

By far, silver bullion coins and bars have become an internationally popular choice among savvy investors who have kept up with the latest trends. The future looks more certain than ever for such solid assets.

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