Lady Liberty on Silver Dollars

Throughout the years, silver dollars have featured many depictions of Lady Liberty from a wide variety of artists, each rendering her in a different and uniquely artistic and beautiful manner. Among the silver dollars at Zoomcoin are: the “Flowing Hair” Type silver dollar, “Draped Bust” type with Small Eagle Reverse silver dollar, Heraldic Eagle Reverse silver dollar, the 1804 Silver Dollar, Gobrecht Dollars, “Liberty Seated” type with Heraldic Eagle, Trade Dollars, Morgan Dollars, and Peace Dollars.

The “Flowing Hair” Type silver dollar features a depiction of Lady Liberty by Robert Scot. Lady Liberty is shown only from the shoulders up, with wavy hair flowing in the background, making for an evocatively beautiful coin with a free and lovely Liberty. The “Draped Bust” type with Small Eagle Reverse silver dollar was again designed by Robert Scot. It is commonly inferred that Lady Liberty was a depiction of Philadelphia socialite, Ann Willing Bingham; this depiction is described as being “rather buxom.” The “Liberty Seated” type dollar with Heraldic Eagle and Gobrecht Dollar are nearly identical depictions of Lady Liberty, rendering her as a “goddess,” seated upon a rock with a flowing dress and a clasping a pole that has a liberty cap on the top. George T. Morgan designed what would later come to be the legendary Morgan dollar; Lady Liberty is depicted from the neck up, facing left, with her hair in a loose tousled bun, left partially down.

Many collectors cite the Peace Dollar as their favorite depiction of Lady Liberty, designed by the unknown artist, Anthony de Francisci, who won a contest for the best portrayal of Lady Liberty. He used his wife as his model, and rendered Lady Liberty from the neck up, facing left, with softer features than in previous depictions. Liberty’s hair is in a loose bun with several strands of hair blowing behind her and a crown that appears to be made of rays of light to match the rays of light on the reverse of the coin.

The many depictions of Lady Liberty on silver coins have long fascinated collectors, satisfying both their artistic interests and their patriotic interests. Whether you are motivated by an interest in art, history, or patriotism, a collection of silver dollars is the ideal composition collection for you to build, fulfilling all of these various needs and motivations. Lady Liberty and her many depictions has captivated the eyes and hearts of many, and will continue to do so for generations to come.

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