Making Your VMware Network More Secure

A VMware network can make a small business more competitive. Without the need to purchase additional server machines, companies using this software can add virtual servers to their networks. These can include any type of server, from mail servers to web servers to small office servers. Eliminating the need for new hardware can make it affordable to install a very sophisticated network. All networks, however, need to be secured. This effort, to a large extent, is centered on making sure that there are good backup procedures in place and that the network is insulated from outside threats.

A VMware network can be backed up very easily using software that is purpose-built. Whatever the operating system you run on your servers happens to be, there are utilities that do a better job of providing backups than the included programs on those operating systems. Most of the operating system backup programs require that you have access to the operating system itself, as well as the proprietary software used to restore from backup media. In some cases, this may be impossible due to damage to the software or hardware that constitutes the system being restored.

Because VMware networks are not operating system dependent for much of their functionality, there are programs on the market that can provide backup services without requiring that proprietary software or OS utilities be used during the restoration operation. These can convert backup files into formats that are independent of any OS, which allows them to be restored without using any software at all. This sort of functionality can be extended to legacy devices such as tape drives, which ensures that the companies that use those devices don’t need to change their entire backup configuration to accommodate new software.

VMware can also be equipped with utilities that make sure that patches are applied as needed. Some software patches include important security updates. These updates are released as new threats are identified and fixed by the software manufacturers. Having these installed on time is necessary to have a network with any real security on it. The utilities are oftentimes distributed for free by the companies that make other software for the VMware software, and ensure that your system can be kept up to date without the need to consume large amounts of your IT department’s time to make sure that patching is kept on schedule.

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