Proper Drainage

Proper Drainage

There are several reasons you may need indwelling catheterization, incontinence, an inability to urinate naturally or a recent surgery are some examples. This could require the use of a catheter and urine drainage or a “leg bag” to collect urine.

Using Your Leg Bag:

Your bladder will be emptied through the catheter and urination will be collected in the leg bag.

• Attached or strapped to your upper body enables you to carry it all day

• Made in different sizes and fits you can easily hide them under your clothing

• Overnight will require the use of a bedside bag

You can attach your leg bag to your thigh using of elastic, Velcro straps. Leg straps can be made so that connectors and valves don’t touch your leg for better comfort and convenience of use.

It’s important to remember to position and strap your leg bag lower than your bladder (below the hip) to ensure urine cannot ever flow back into your bladder

Draining & Maintenance of your Leg Bags:

In a clean bathroom or if you are immobile into a sterile container, making sure not to let the bag or tube openings touch any surface in the bathroom, empty your bag two to three times a day or whenever it is almost half full.

Remember to:

• Wash your hands using anti-bacterial soap and warm water.

• Open the bag and empty via spout on the bottom

• Take care not to let the bag touch any unsterilized surface

• Wipe the opening of your leg bag with alcohol and a sterile cotton ball

• Be sure to securely close the bag before re-strapping to your body

• Re-wash your hands thoroughly

Recent medical news suggests you change your bag at least once a month. If it looks bad or is malodorous then change it immediately

• At the end of the tube closest to the bag disconnect the valve

• Be careful not to pull too hard.

• Be sure not to let the end of the tube or opening of bag touch anything

• This includes your hands.

• Using rubbing alcohol and a sterile cotton ball wipe the tube

• Re-attach the tube to the new bag

Call your health care professional if

• If you are having difficulty in doing any of the above steps

• If you are having to empty your bag excessively

• If you are developing a rash or sore

• If there are any signs of an infection including a burning when you urinate, fever, and/or chills

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