Rehab Exercise Equipment for People Confined to a Wheelchair

If you are confined to a wheelchair, you may be interested in what types of rehab exercise equipment are best for you to use. While your wheelchair may bring some limitations in the types of exercises you can perform or participate in, with a few adaptations, you can continue to stay active. Staying active is important, whether you are confined to a wheelchair or not, because it will improve endurance, flexibility, strength, and overall health. Below are types of rehab exercise equipment that you can use when you are in a wheelchair.

Cable Pulleys and Resistance Bands

Both cable pulleys and resistance bands can provide strength-training exercises that are wheelchair friendly. Many cable pulley machines are wheelchair friendly and can be used for pulling and pushing exercises to build upper body strength and flexibility. Resistance bands are an easy to use resistance-training tool that are versatile and can be carried and used anywhere. Many of the same types of exercises can be performed with a cable pulley machine or through the use of resistance bands.

Free Weights

Another important tool for building upper body strength is the use of free weights. Dumbbells can be purchased in weights as low as one or three pounds and can go much higher depending on the amount of weight that a person can lift. They can be used to work out biceps, triceps, chest, back, shoulders, and even abdominals. By adapting the moves slightly, a person’s wheelchair will not restrict the use of free weights for exercising.


Some people forget that the wheelchair they are sitting in can actually be used to provide a workout as well. By using a wheelchair manually, a person can get a cardiovascular workout as well as build upper body strength. In fact, wheelchair pushing can be one of the most important exercises that a wheelchair bound patient can do since it will also train them in using their wheelchair fully and to their best advantage.

While being confined to a wheelchair may feel restrictive at times, it is important that wheelchair patients continue to remain active. It is also important that a patient in a wheelchair always practice safety when using exercise machines, free weights, or any other type of difficult exercises. However, with the help of rehab exercise equipment and a little ingenuity wheelchair bound patients can continue to lead a healthy lifestyle rather than succumbing to a life of immobility.

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