Reviewing the Major Types of the Massage Table

Are you interested in massage therapy?  If so, then it’s time to acquaint yourself with the massage table.  This is a device that holds the client while the therapist performs various massage techniques.  Let’s consider the four major types of massage table.  When you learn them, you will be in a better position to decide what type of table you prefer to use as a provider, or lie on, if you are a client.

First, if you are traveling to a client’s home or another building to perform the service, then a portable table will be your best choice.  These tables are very strong but are lightweight.  They can easily be set up and taken down, making them ideal for taking around town from one client to the next.  Most are made from wood, though some affordable designs are also made from steel. 

If you are providing massage therapy from your own massage room, then you may consider a fixed massage table.  This is the type of table that does not fold.  It is not adjustable and simply stays in the proper position.  These tables, while not portable, are highly stable and built with extra advantages.  For example, these tables might also have built-in cabinets. 

Next, let’s consider hydraulic tables.  These are stationary tables but they also have a hydraulic lift to raise or lower.  These are ideal recommendations when clients have disabilities to deal with.  They may also be used when several therapists will be making using of the same room and table. 

There are also tables with elevating sections, and these allow you to place clients in a more specific position rather than simply lying down.  For example, they can remain seated, recline slightly or elevate their feet.  These tables are ideal for clients who are pregnant, and are also common around spas. 

Remember when choosing your massage table to consider practicality.  You must consider first, whether you need a stationary or portable table, and then consider how many clients are likely to have special needs.  If you expect to have a lot of clients who are pregnant, obese or live with a disability then perhaps it’s worth investing in a better quality table that offers more options. 

For more information on the art and healing benefits of massage, visit a medical info site.  You can shop for these massage products and many others from an online massage supply store.  You can also find discounts on price and convenient shipping arrangements!

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