Savi headset - Plantronics Savi headset � piece #2

Technology has improved at an exponential rate over the years. No longer does a business have to settle for second best when it comes to effective communication with clients and other businesses. This applies to phone systems and complex office systems that are set up to run computers and phones as one unit. The Plantronics WO300 Savi office wireless headset is a system created by Plantronics to take businesses to the next level in terms of effective communication.

The idea behind the Plantronics Savi headset was to create an effective method of connecting multiple communication devices such as phones and computers into one effective tool that allowed all of the devices to  still work but as one unit. People that use the Savi headset will be able to connect to multiple applications and communication devices that include desk phones, PC audio and PC softphones through a single headset. The Plantronics Savi headset allows people using the technology to work smarter, allowing for greater productivity to occur.

Customers will find the Savi headset easy to use and comfortable to wear. The Plantronics Savi headset allows the user to control the volume of a call, mute a call when needing to discuss something with a colleague in the same room and makes it possible to answer and end a call from the Savi headset, rather than having to use the actual phone to perform the function. This hands-free accessibility allows a user of the Plantronics Savi headset to roam as much as 350 feet away from the actual phone. Multi-tasking was never so easy!

The integrated PerSono Suite software allows the user one-touch call switching capability, plus the way this device was created allows for an energy efficient approach to power usage. Simply put, the Savi headset is a tool that when used will redefine the way a business communicates with its business associates and clients. Purchase a Plantronics Savi headset today and get on the road to creating a smarter, more efficient business!


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