The Best Corporate Wireless Accessory Discount Program

Spending less has become the new norm for individuals, families, and even businesses. We all know what a tough economy it is right now. Yet, companies rely on cell phones for vital communications. Buying wireless accessories for a business can be a huge expense, unless you know where to obtain corporate vendor cellular phone accessories.

The key to finding a reputable cell phone accessory provider is by reputation and years in business. offers 12 years of experience. They have supported some of the largest corporate cell phone programs in America. They are a wholly woman owned business that offers up to 40percent off the price of any competitor.

CAFL specializes in supporting business and their wireless programs. To help you achieve your company’s goals they have set up their unique Corporate Club. It is well worth joining as it provides many benefits for your business. For starters you receive corporate discount cellular phone accessories, up to 40 percent off of all competitors. In addition, you are now eligible for volume discounts. This alone can result in huge savings for your company.

Other benefits of the Corporate Club includes flexible payment choices, rapid checkout, order history, easy shipment tracking, ability to create customized shopping lists, and you will receive product updates. If that is not enough, you will have access to management reports, free consulting, and your own dedicated account representative.

Additionally, CAFL has a vast inventory of OEM and after-market corporate discount cellular phone accessories. Of course they accept and can fulfill virtually all special order requests too. In addition, they offer those that are still using older cell phones accessories for these items. If your older cell phones still work fine browse the CAFL website for your needed accessories. You just might find that car charger for your discontinued cell phone.

In the end, business that buy wireless phone accessories for their corporate cell phones can end up spending a small fortune on accessories, unless you know where to look. CAFL sells cell phone accessories from 30 to 40 percent less than their competitors on average. It is a prudent move to join the CAFL Corporate Club as it does offer advantages. Fast checkout, volume discounts, and a dedicated sales rep are among the many benefits. Let CAFL’s 12 years of expertise and cost effective products help your company reduce its cost of wireless accessories.


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