The Nuances of the Camelbak Backpack

Most of us fail to realize the importance of choosing the right backpack for our activities. That’s where Camelbak Backpacks come in handy. Regardless of your age, size or activity, Camelbak Backpacks has the right backpack for all your needs.

Beginning with cycling, Camelbak Backpacks makes a hydration pack in a variety of colors. Lightweight enough for racing, it provides room for all your essentials and won’t slow you down. Made of durable polyester, the Camelbak Backpack for cyclists won’t disappoint.

For the hiking and outdoor enthusiasts, Camelbak Backpacks makes a variety of backpacks and bags for all your needs. Beginning with the lumbar pack which offers a nice alternative to fanny packs, these compact and lightweight hydration packs made by Camelbak Backpacks holds 1.4 liters to ensure hydration for your activities. A larger variety of the Camelbak Backpack weighing in at just under two pounds without the reservoir, holds 3 liters of fluids guaranteeing three hours of hydration.

For women and children, there’s a Camelbak Backpack model in between the above sizes, holding 72 oz. of fluid. The Camelbak Backpack Magic 72 Oz. Hydration Pack is designed with a more narrow shoulder harness and shorter back length, it is ideal for hikers who are smaller in stature. With expandable storage, it has room to hold all the essentials for a fun day out of doors.

Ideal for the hunter in the family, Camelbak Backpacks makes a model in camouflage, ideal for blending in with the environment. The Camelbak Ranger XT 100 Oz. model is the perfect gift item for the hunter who needs to carry extra items such as a change of clothes and food to last all day, this Camelbak Backpack is ideal. Water resistant and lightweight, the extra insulation helps protect the reservoir tube from freezing.

The brave of heart will appreciate the Camelbak Backpacks made especially for cold weather, known as the Camelbak Pit Boss. Large enough to carry 1800 cu. Inches of necessities, yet lightweight enough for all day use, these Camelbak Backpacks allow room for all the tools and essentials for a day in subzero weather. There’s even a Camelbak Backpack winter model for women, known as the Camelbak Roulette 100 Oz. Designed for smaller body types, this Camelbak Backpack can carry 100 oz. of water and 1,709 cubic inches of cargo.

Don’t forget to clean your Camelbak Backpack after every use. There is a variety of items available to keep your Camelbak Backpack in top condition.


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