The Origin of the Spa and Spa Products

If you are wondering what type of spa products you should buy for your new spa, it may help to consider the origin of the traditional spa.  The spa dates back to ancient times where hot spring resorts and mineral water baths were believed to have healing powers.  In fact, historians believe that such attitudes actually date back to prehistoric times.  Yes, even way back then, mankind instinctively knew that a little water and relaxation works wonders for pain and stress! 

The word spa actually comes from the town called Spa, located in Belgium.  Back in Roman times, they used to call it Aquae Spadanae, and the meaning was to “scatter or moisten.”  So, yes, the spa is clearly identified with water, the refreshing and soothing feeling of natural water on the body.  Later in medieval times, spring water baths were used to treat iron deficiencies.  In the sixteenth century in England, the idea of medicinal bathing was revived and there was an entire town named Bath that featured spring water and other water amenities.

Of course, in modern times, the element of beauty treatment is now commonly associated with the spa and this makes sense.  After a person has time to relax, they do want to look their best for the return home.  What a genius idea—to combine relaxation therapy with beauty services!  By the time the day spa and destination spa was born, the idea was fully luxury – complete pampering for the body, mind and soul!  Today’s spas have everything from pedicures to manicures, hot tubs, mineral baths, mud baths and aromatherapy.  They are often referred to as wellness centers, since they encompass so much more than just beauty treatments or baths. 

When choosing spa products today, it is important to stick to your theme.  Do not become so overwhelmed by the product selection that you lose sight of your main purpose in this venture.  You may want to focus on beauty, as in a day spa, or you may want to proceed more towards aromatherapy, massage or hot tub relaxation.  You may also want to invest in high-tech machines that perform various beauty tasks.

There are many spas to choose from as your model, and many spa products that can enhance your clients’ experiences.  Choose wisely by researching health news sites and determining what is trendy in the massage and spa world of today.  For more information and for great shopping deals, visit an online spa store!


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