The Palladium Spot Price is Worth Watching

There are times when financiers need a fast turnaround on their investment. Speculative investing certainly has its place for quick financial gains. The precious metal palladium fits this bill quite nicely. The palladium spot price can be volatile at times. This offers the opportunity to cash in on short-term gains. The palladium supplies are shrinking, yet demand is continuing to increase. In other words, palladium has the making of a great investment.

The reason palladium supplies are shrinking is the once massive Russian supply of palladium is no more. Their supplies have been all but exhausted. The Russian supply at one time filled over one half of the world’s palladium needs. On the other hand demand is rising and will increase only more. This is because palladium is key component in the production of catalytic converters. China’s emerging economy is demanding more cars and trucks than ever before, and this trend is likely to continue.

The savvy palladium investor will keep an eye on the ever changing palladium spot price. Since this price is prone to ups and down the prudent investor will wait for just the right moment before buying or selling. With palladium supplies getting ever smaller and a demand that is only going to increase for the foreseeable future means palladium may be on the cusp of a major price spike, in the upward direction.

Other markets that will interest the palladium investor are dentistry and surgical tools. This is because palladium is used in the production of these items. As the American population continues to rapidly age more dental work and surgeries will likely be needed. This increases the demand for palladium. In addition, palladium is used to make jewelry, a product that is always popular.

One convenient way to invest in palladium is to purchase Canada’s palladium Maple Leaf coin. First minted in 2005 it carries with it Canada’s long tradition of producing top quality bullion coins. This coin offers a face value of 50 Canadian dollars. Of course the market value of the coin is much higher.

Finally, palladium is an excellent investment for those interested in speculative investing. The supply is low yet the demand is high and growing by leaps and bounds. There is reason to speculate that palladium is on the verge of a major price hike soon. The savvy investor will need to keep his eyes on the spot price of palladium.

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