The Team Mascot: How to Get an Audience Pumped

From the big leagues to the minor leagues, there are times where the crowd just needs a bit of help to get into the game. Baseball games can take a while, and when an inning is drawn out and there seems like there is no hope, it is up to the mascot to not only entertain the crowd, but bring them back to life. It doesn't take much, as the fans are there to cheer on their team, it just takes a little encouraging. It is difficult for individuals at the game to rev up the crowd, as a person is just one individual, but the mascot, they are something to behold, a part of the team, something that is as part of the game as hot-dogs and trading cards. If you are placed in charge of firing up the crowd, there are a few tips you can incorporate into your performance in order to get them back into the game and cheering for the team. 

Most major league mascots have been immortalized into many different shapes and objects, including Pillow Pets. These Pillow Pets are soft, plush stuffed animals that can be used both as stuffed animals and as pillows. When you are in the costume of a team mascot that is now part of the pillow pets family, there is a name out there for yourself you need to stand by, and it is important you withhold the tradition of all other individuals who have put on the mascot outfit previously. 

For starters, you need to be towards the front of the game, by the first or third base dugouts. Although there are times where it is important to walk around the stadium, interacting with children and parents alike, but when the team needs you, it is important for you to be down where most people can see you. While standing on the first or third base dugout, you are then able to grab the attention of the fans. After all, it is hard to miss a large, stuffed animal, walking around on two feet. Once you have the attention it is up to you to get them into the game. Simply holding your hands above your head and clapping can get others into the game. Usually, it is the children that start. When the children see you perform this action, they also clap with you. Then, with the children, comes the parents, and from there the rest of the crowd. A simple upwards swing movement with both hands also can have an effect on those watching the game, letting them know they need to get into it. But whatever you do, do it with much emphasis.

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