The Very Best Least Privilege Strategies

The Very Best Least Privilege Strategies

There are several different ways to implement a least privilege operating environment. One way is to set up a permission management system that allows an administrator to reassign user privileges quickly and easily, under a framework such as a virtualized operating environment. The administration console in such an operation offers fine-grained privilege identity management tools which give you a great deal of control over what different users are able to or unable to access and do. However, this particular solution can be overkill for a smaller operation.

If you are interested in securing your data information network and you don’t want to use a virtualized environment, then one good alternative is to use a toolkit that allows you to manage passwords that allow your users access to different items to extend their privileges. Password protection software gives you the added flexibility of a virtualized environment without the need to construct a network that depends on a server carrying a virtual machine, a highly centralized system that is vulnerable to attack.

Least privilege operations are easy to set up with properly configured password protection software. When needed, a user can request a password from the software, which can be configured to respond in many different ways to the request, depending on the desires of the administrators. The software can be configured to simply produce a password and log the event, if the administration is interested in monitoring the use of a particular resource. It can be set to deliver a request to a user who has the ability to grant permissions, or to deliver an alarm, or possibly other events as well. These different configurations allow you a great deal of flexibility in constructing your least privilege implementation in a way that works for you.

The simplest strategy, request logging, is particularly useful for applications that are used frequently over the course of the day, since they can produce patterns of usage that can be analyzed to inform about the habits of workers. Loggers can discover whether users are checking their e-mail more often than necessary, for instance. This is a usage of password protection software that doesn’t fall strictly under the least privilege banner, but it is relevant to the question of deducing whether a particular resource is necessary for a user’s duties or not: the main question that informs whether a user has access to an item under least privilege guidelines.

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