Using a Thai Massage Mat

Thai massage is growing rapidly in popularity. This is due to the fact that it provides such valuable benefits. Thai massage not only relaxes and reduces stress, as most traditional methods of massage do, but if you check a medical resource, it has been known to improve circulation, flexibility and energy. Unlike conventional massage, which is typically performed on a table, Thai massage is performed on a Thai massage mat.

Thai massage mats are very large mats made from either cotton batting or poly foam. The cotton Thai massage mats are generally a bit softer, but the poly foam mats are lighter and easier to transport from one location to the other. Either type of mat will be able to perform the task needed, which is to protect the customer from the floor during the Thai massage.

The difference between Thai massage and regular massages is that the customer does not lay flat during the massage. Instead, the customer is moved into various yoga positions throughout the massage. Many have described a Thai massage to doing yoga, but not having to do any work. In the end, you get the increased flexibility and energy that you would from yoga.

The mat is the most important, and sometimes the only piece of equipment that Thai massage specialists need to purchase. The mat is easily maintained because it comes with a very durable cover that can be removed through a zipper and machined washed with cold water. You should wash the mat between every client, but don’t worry, the cover will withstand many washings.

Many people choose to specialize in the Thai massage technique because the supplies are so simple. The customer remains clothed throughout the entire session, so there is no need for oils, towels, sheets, or robes. All you need is a quality Thai massage mat. The mat is so important because you want something soft and supportive under the customer as the treatment is completed on the ground.

With the proper training, and a Thai massage mat of your own, you can easily begin working and making house calls as a Thai massage therapist. You can easily enter this growing field and provide massage treatments for your customers that are relaxing, as well as rigorous and energizing. All you need is a quality, comforting, and durable mat, and you have all the tools you will need to use your skills.

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