Using Kiniseo Tex Tape

Kiniseo Tex tape is used to implement the Kiniseo Taping Method, which is a rehabilitative technique for taping muscles, joints, and other moving body parts to provide support and stability without causing the body's natural range of motion to be restricted. It also provides extended manipulation to soft tissues when needed, in order to prolong the therapeutic benefits of manual physical therapy administered in clinical settings. Let's take a closer look at some specifics regarding the use of Kiniseo Tex tape.

Unlike many other popular therapeutic tape products, Kiniseo tape is latex free. It is designed for either short-term use or it may be worn for days at a time. It is safe for use by everyone from children to senior citizens, and it has been designed to treat a number of neuromuscular, orthopedic, and neurological conditions as well as other medical conditions. The specific method for applying Kiniseo Tex tape is taught at seminars; when you first use it, be sure to consult with a physical therapist or other medical professional who has been trained in its proper use. 

With this therapeutic sports tape, you can enjoy more comfortable rehabilitation and enjoy greater range of motion. The reason for this is that Kiniseo tape lifts the skin at a microscopic level and targets a number of specific somatosensory system receptors, alleviating pain and facilitating lymphatic drainage. This allows for decreased inflammation within any affected areas.

Prior to using Tex tape, you'll need to be evaluated; this helps your therapist discover whether you will need additional types of therapy, or whether the tape on its own will be enough. Specialized shapes as well as the amount and direction of stretch used are dictated by the findings of this evaluation. Taking the time to be properly evaluated will ensure you receive the greatest benefits possible. Kiniseo Tex tape may be applied in literally hundreds of ways, reducing pain and inflammation, preventing injury, promoting the circulation needed to effect healing, and even re-educating the body's neuromuscular system.

Once you have been evaluated, you'll be treated with Kiniseo Tex tape. In cases involving body parts you cannot easily reach, you will need to have the tape applied by a therapist or a trained helper each time you use it. In other cases in which you can easily reach the affected body part or parts, your therapist can teach you to properly apply the tape on your own. 

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