VMware ESX Backup Can Be Self Sufficient

When you think of high quality backup and recovery software for your virtual machines, what comes to mind? Do you think of programs that require you to maintain separate partitions for your backups and that store multiple copies of each page? Do you think of a program that works to recover each of your virtual machines one by one until the system is back online? Do you envision software that slows your network and burdens your resources until the entire process has finished? If any of these things come to mind, you are using the wrong VMware ESX backup program.

If you are really looking for top quality when it comes to your VMware ESX backup solution, you need to expect more. Look beyond the hype of the programs lining store shelves, and raise the bar. Your enterprise is important to you, and you deserve software that is capable of helping you ensure fast and efficient recovery. What you really need is software that is self-sufficient. In other words, a program that can use the virtual infrastructure you have created to backup and restore itself. This not only offers greater efficiency, but significantly greater protection for your data.

With a program that can provide this, you do not have to worry about the vulnerabilities that are inherent in a Windows based environment. You can say goodbye to the notion of frequent security patches that help mitigate the risk of viruses and hackers infiltrating your system. With top quality software that can perform these tasks, you can also eliminate the need for additional hardware and software for your VMware ESX backup solution and can instead look forward to the ability to recover a large number of virtual machines per host simultaneously.

In today’s world, we work hard to ensure that our VMware systems meet our needs, yet many owners are willing to accept VMware ESX backup solutions that require them to trade off function and efficiency in exchange for protection. This is simply unreasonable, and there are programs out there that are designed with business owners in mind. If you are seeking a program that can decrease resource use and storage space while still providing the backup and recovery solutions you need, it is time to look a little harder. With the right program, you can rest assured that your virtual machines can be back online and running in no time after even a major crash.

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