Wear a Catheter for Incontinence Protection

Anyone who experiences urinary incontinence or who has dealt with it before knows how uncomfortable everyday movements can be and how awkward they feel having to use certain supplies. For years, many people dealing with incontinence caused by a weakened bladder, certain illnesses, surgeries and childbirth have used such medical supplies as bed pads, absorbent underwear or diapers.

While bed pads do work well at night, they can still soak through to the mattress. Absorbent underwear and adult diapers do hold some amount of urine, but they must be changed very frequently and many people fear that they can be detected through their clothes. The wearer may be unable to do some activities, like running and swimming, because of wearing these types of pads. One solution to this problem for those with urinary incontinence who want more freedom of movement and the option to not have to constantly change a pad is a catheter.

A catheter is a medical device that can be inserted fairly easily and will drain the bladder of fluids. The fluids are then held in a bag, which can either be worn around the leg or can be placed on the floor or hanging up while a person is sleeping. These devices are very sanitary, as long as the user makes sure to keep them clean and to change the device as often as their doctor recommends. The great thing about this piece of medical equipment is that it gives the wearer the ability to do things they felt uncomfortable doing while wearing undergarments that are absorbent or adult diapers. Once they have the catheter inserted, they are able to go and do anything they like without feeling embarrassed or insecure.

If you have been dealing with urinary incontinence and want to learn more about the causes and possible solutions, consult health resources online. These can help to give you even more information about the issue of incontinence. You might also try reaching out to family members or to online communities to find others who are going through the same things as you. They can help you to figure out ways to cope with your incontinence and can make you feel much more at ease.

Find the catheter that you need online at a medical supply store that will have a massive selection of these devices, as well as replacement parts and other medical items that you may need.

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