What can I do with a business management degree?

The economy is sputtering the last breaths of the recession and is considering entering depression territory, the entire globe on its shoulders. Simultaneously, it's taken the selection of degree and sucked all the exaltation from it, leaving students quivering in a mire of job insecurity years before they begin to dish out CVs. At the same time, there are thousands of choice businesses scattered over international fields dragging in revenue in billion dollar bank bags. The list of top fifty alpha wolves for 2011 reveals that the type of business matters little. Retail, oil, IT, automotive and financial service industries have all scraped their way into the top king pins' clutch, demonstrating one thing only: It's not about the business; it's about how the business is managed.

This places a colossal red arrow into the student ether and it's pointing towards entrepreneurship and business management as the key method to steal control from the economy and place it firmly on student shoulders. There are those who want to make the money the economy affords them and those who want to make money despite it. The latter will add a lot of eggs to their opportunity basket by attaining a business management degree.

Those who were born wearing entrepreneurial hats will cover every key aspect required to introduce a business to the successful clique. Those who choose to enter the fray of newly opened businesses without the repertoire of skills gained through a business management degree are likely to retire as Uncle Bill, the owner and till operator of the shoddy café on the corner (that never has available parking.) This, for the starry eyed school leaver, is hardly adequate. What's necessary to supersede the 'success' of Uncle Bill is a thorough understanding of effective and creative marketing, accounting, business law, ethics and all the subsidiaries of these subjects.

The toddler who didn't want to be an entrepreneur when he grew up ages into a student who doesn't want to rise up on his own wings. He prefers to throw risk into the slush pile and hops onto stronger wings instead. Joining a corporation that's already ransacking profit share is a possibility for the graduate with a business management degree. Those whose hearts throb to a business rhythm think in terms of corporate life and dollar signs. These are people who dream about slogging for frequent flier miles and manipulating business meetings wearing haute couture suites in the full knowledge that the profits they add to their employer's accounts will sieve down into their own salaries. The top goal of the corporate fantasy is always on his mind: steep promotion ladders that lead to partnerships and CEO labels.

There is, however, a student entirely foreign to the lands of the two above mentioned students: the one who's entirely absent of career caprice. When this student has reveries of future money making schemes, his mind's aflutter with…vacuity. This introduces another function of the business management degree. There's something this qualification does that few others have the capacity to achieve: it opens up an gargantuan stage of opportunity while preparing graduates for virtually any career alleyway imaginable. Retail management, marketing, NGO organization—the list is virtually infinite. A business management degree provides enough oomph to supercharge hundreds of careers. It's also a springboard for related specializing majors like accounting and administration.

Facts are only the happy side effect of a business management degree. Instead of teaching graduates facts to recall, it teaches them how to think. When students gather their scrolls, they will have been gifted with glossy new intuitions to pilfer from for life.

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