Why Can�t I Transfer Files or Copy iPod to iTunes?

Why Can�t I Transfer Files or Copy iPod to iTunes?

One of the greatest sources of frustration for iPod users is the ease of moving music from iTunes to iPod, and the impossibility of going in the reverse direction. You can’t easily transfer or copy iPod to iTunes because Apple designed their program to make it difficult.

This might not seem like a big deal when you first start using your iPod, as your primary focus will be loading your new device. iTunes is very efficient at automatically synchronizing your iTunes files with your iPod, and it even makes it easy to move tracks manually if you prefer.

Yet at some point, you’ll discover the major iTunes/iPod flaw. Imagine you buy a new computer, for instance. How can you easily move your music from your iPod to your new PC or laptop? What if your iPod starts to fail and you’d like to move your music back to your PC to avoid major data loss?

What if you go to a friend’s house and you’d like to share your music by loading it onto their computer? What if your desktop computer fails, or you’re forced to replace the hard drive?

These are just a few possible instances where you’ll be scrambling to find a way to copy iPod to iTunes quickly and easily. So why did Apple make such an obviously necessary and practical task virtually impossible?

One of the only reasonable explanations seems to be that Apple chose to restrict such transfers in order to stay on the good side of music labels. By appearing to attempt to combat piracy, Apple can look forward to an ongoing relationship where music labels choose to sell their content through the iTunes Store.

Fortunately, third-party developers have succeeded at creating software that makes it not only possible, but easy to copy iPod to iTunes. You can take your pick of free software available for download online, or opt to pay a small fee to own more full-featured, robust software versions.

As you’ll notice if you regularly check software news, all iPod software isn’t created equal. When you’re ready to invest in this “missing piece” of the iTunes pie, take your time. Read reviews, compare features and capabilities and find the best quality software available today. Take advantage of free trial versions or trial periods to test iPod software yourself. Find one you like and you can look forward to using your iPod in whatever way you choose.