Winter Brings Greater Need for Vitamin D

During the colder months we like to huddle inside away from the brisk air. This can lead to a lower level of vitamin D in our bodies. Vitamin D is essential to maintain the body's levels of calcium and phosphorus to support bone structure and cell functions, helping us fight off disease and maintain bone density. We naturally get vitamin D from the sun's UVB and UVA rays. In the winter months, we tend to stay inside and cover up our skin outside keeping the cold air and the sunlight away. Even though it is cold outside and you aren't getting as much sunlight as in the summer months, there is no need to worry about not getting enough vitamin D. There is actually a way to get sunlight in a bottle. You can get enough vitamin D for your body by taking a liquid vitamin D supplement daily.

Recommendations for vitamin D intake for those up to age 50 is 200IU, ages 51 to 70 is 400IU and for those over 70 years of age, 600 IU. Vitamin D in the elderly is essential for bone health. Some experts even want those numbers doubled and tripled to ensure the best health possible. A liquid vitamin D supplement is an easy to way to reach your daily intake to keep your bones and immune system healthy. The liquid is absorbed quickly into the body getting to work for you! These supplements help you get your recommended daily dose of vitamin D to fight off osteoporosis, cancer and other diseases. Some research even concludes that liquid vitamins are better absorbed by the body than solid vitamins. The best thing about a liquid vitamin D supplement is that it is great for the whole family and is for any age.

Most liquid vitamin D supplements are offered in gluten free and sugar free versions as well. They are flavored so you actually enjoy drinking your liquid vitamin D supplement each day. All you do is take a few teaspoons either directly in your mouth or mix it in your favorite drink. These liquid supplements taste great, are easy to intake and promote your health at the same time. This winter as you cozy up inside by the fire, it might be easy to forget vitamins naturally brought to us by the sun. By putting vitamin D supplements in your daily routine, you will be boosting your immune system, bone density and overall health.

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