Your West Hills Solar Power System is More Affordable than Ever


If you had the opportunity to reduce or completely eliminate your energy bill, increase the value of your home without increasing your taxes, reduce your carbon emissions, and do your part for the environment and future generations with a single action, wouldn’t you take that action? By installing solar power systems, you can achieve all of these aims by powering your home with a clean, renewable energy source and make your home self-sufficient, not subject to the increasing energy costs that pervade your current finances.

Although most people had previously considered installing solar panels and photovoltaic cells on their residential home as an unaffordable luxury, reserved only for celebrities and the extremely wealthy, installing a West Hills solar power system is significantly more affordable than you would assume. As with any technological advancement and product, solar panel systems have greatly increased their efficacy while greatly reducing their price. Besides the lowered overall price by using the credits, rebates, and incentives from the government made possible by the 2009 Stimulus Bill, these already reduced prices are often cut by 50 percent or greater. In addition to the 30 percent refund that the IRS offers, local Californian governments are offering rebates in an effort to preclude the smog and preserve a beautiful state that is threatened by increasing emissions.

Individual corporations have made efforts to bring the cost and planet saving system to average consumers, particularly Verengo. By installing a Verengo solar power system, you are able to take advantage of a myriad of price-saving and financing options to help you begin saving on your energy bill and saving the planet today. Although their specials and incentives vary, Verengo offers such phenomenal deals as $1000 credit, $0 down, and a $500 rebate for referring another customer.

Between the reduced price, government incentives, and discounts offered by Verengo, your West Hills solar power system is more affordable than ever before, bringing you the discounts of a reduced or eliminated power bill with the personal satisfaction of reducing your carbon footprint for next to nothing. It is important to note that time is of the essence, and as more people discover and take advantage of these discounts, demand increases, which, in turn, reduces the amount of government funding allotted for incentives and industrial incentive for providing discounting and financing. Solar power systems have become increasingly popular and with widespread demand, the savings will not last long.


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